Top tips to plan a wedding in 3 months

plan your wedding in 3 months guide

The time is now, and the clock is ticking! You have said the most wonderful and romantic “I do” and now you are planning your big day. However, you and your partner have decided that you want to organize the wedding sooner rather than later. So what do you do when you realize you have to plan a wedding in 3 months? First, take a deep breath and relax, everything is possible! To help you out we have come up with these essentials below. Make sure to check out the tips – they will make your planning process way easier! Trust us!

Basics – date, location, and wedding venue

We begin our 90-Day wedding planning checklist by figuring out the bare essentials! Date, place, time, venue – are you opting for a destination wedding or one in your hometown? Get that responsibility out of the way as soon as you can so you can start focusing on the rest. Since we are talking about wedding venues, if you are planning your big day in Italy, you have to take a look at the breathtaking Dimora Delle Balze – a historical Italian estate with a contemporary flair.

Get some help – hiring a wedding planner

In these cases where you are on a tight schedule and you need an extra pair of very capable and incredible hands by your side, hiring a wedding planner is the way to go! A fresh perspective is what you need when you are planning a wedding in 3 months. Also, all those contacts of the planner will come in handy for sure! The professional will be able to gather the best vendors – from the decor and floral design to the catering, and realize your dreams perfectly!

Get more specific – plan the bridal look

When you want to plan a wedding in 3 months, you need to check out vendor availability and book them – from the catering to the music, handle this bit with care! Another thing to consider here is the outfits – once you are taking care of the visuals, take care of yourself too! Choosing the perfect dress and suit can be a pretty easy task, especially if you know what you are looking for. If not, make sure to visit several bridal studios and find the ONE. Don’t forget the accessories and shoes!

Almost to the finish line – mail out your wedding invitations

There is no celebration without guests, and this is a very important step you should not skip! Send out the wedding invitations at least 4 weeks before the day, and communicate with the people who are closest to you whether there would be any pre-wedding activities such as a bachelor and a bachelorette party, etc. It is necessary to let them know in advance so that they may plan their time. In this case, you can send Save the Dates as soon as you secure your date, location, and venue.

Final confirmation – time to enjoy

With great organization, even if you plan a wedding in under three months, everything will unfold seamlessly. That is why it is important to double-check the RSVPs, communicate with your vendors, have the timeline for your special day ready with the help of your wedding planner, and check if everything is in order. After all, this would be your special day, and a time to celebrate your love – make sure you have thoroughly covered the ground. Now take a deep breath and relax, because you are done!

It takes some effort to plan a wedding in 3 months, and with a good plan set in place, you will be able to achieve perfection! We are happy to offer you our services, and with the knowledge of both English and Italian, we can make communication a lot easier! Plan your wedding in Italy and make the most out of it with our assistance!

I can’t help but thank Roberta for making this day unforgettable. She managed to satisfy our requests with great professionalism and availability. A dream that becomes reality. Highly recommended!

Emanuela & Mauro

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