Wedding Vibe Collections

Introducing our Wedding Vibe Collections – the ultimate solution to reclaim your precious time during the engagement phase. With our collections, you can effortlessly convey your unique wedding vision to your creative suppliers. Say goodbye to the stress and hello to a seamless planning experience.

Enjoy the experience the wedding of your dreams, from the earliest stages of your planning journey, as it unfolds before your very eyes, while you get your free time back and you’re still in charge of your project, with the ability to make changes on your own terms.

Are you ready to turn your wedding dreams into a reality?

Share your unique vision with us and we’ll work our magic to create a custom-made wedding vibe just for you! We will provide you with hand-sketched digital files that you can proudly show off to all your creative suppliers. Let’s make your special day unforgettable!

Say goodbye to the hassle of endless communication with suppliers and countless hours of searching for the perfect image to bring your vision to life. With our help, you can eliminate all of that tedious back-and-forth and focus on what really matters.

Wedding Vibe | Our easy 3 Step Process

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Signature Wedding Vibe


  • Design Concept
  • Vision, mood-board Creation
  • Bespoke Wedding Vibe of Overall Ceremony, Sweetheart table Mock-up

Up to two colour palettes and two Decor Changes (e.g., Chair model)

Delivered within 1-2 weeks, depending on complexity and our current time availability

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Elite Wedding Vibe


Everything that you get on the Signature Vibe
Collection plus:

  • Bespoke Wedding Vibe for your  ceremony
  • Bespoke Wedding Vibe for your reception table
  • Render of overall reception set-up
  • Table-top illustration
  • Five colour palettes changes
  • Five Decor elements change (chair type, type of candles holders, vases, etc)

Delivered within 2-3 weeks depending on design complexity and our current time availability

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Infinity Wedding Vibe


  • Bespoke Wedding Vibe of all your wedding event days and moments
  • Unlimited colour palette changes
  • Unlimited Decor elements change.
  • Full Delivery within 3–4 weeks, depending on design complexity and our current time availability, with initial concept sketches delivered within one week from signing the agreement
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