Meet Roberta

One of the most significant things to remember is that Roberta enjoys spending time with her beloved ones.

She loves luxurious skincare and makeup, Spa days, fitness and fitness, espresso ristrettos exotic cocktails, and everything truffle.

Self-professed wedding alchemist as well as a travel addict. When she went to London on her first visit, she fell in love with the city so much that she knew she would move to London one day.

Her love of heartwarming hospitality, her awe-inspiring details in design and her love of delicious food have collided with event planning and design, specifically weddings. She lives and breathes for the details, stories of love and turning everyday canvasses into something special.

Roberta was always fascinated by designs and events. Her interest began as an infant and grew through her professional and university life. She gained a great organisational skills and the ability to manage projects. Making her own special day only made her enthusiasm more intense and she chose to pursue event planning as her sole occupation.

Being familiar with the ins and outs of London her residence for the last 15 years, as well as being Italian was natural for her to arrange events for these two cities.

Roberta - self-proclaimed wedding alchemist and travel junky