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how to choose the perfect engagement ring: interview with jacqui larsson fine jewellery

Choosing an engagement ring is a significant decision, as it symbolises a lifelong commitment between two individuals. It is important to consider factors such as budget, style preferences, and the significance of the ring before making a final decision.

With so many options available, taking the time to carefully select the perfect ring can ensure that it will be cherished for years to come.

I reached out to Jacqui Larsson, the skilled designer behind her own fine jewellery brand, to discuss the process of creating the ideal engagement ring for couples.

Designing an engagement ring: What’s your process when couples approach you?

As engagement ring experts, we always begin with a discovery meeting, which involves an exchange of information. It allows us to get a better understanding of what the client has in mind and allows them to decide if we’re the right person for them to collaborate and create with.

Our key objective is to understand their unique language of jewellery—to distil the essence of them as a couple or the bride’s style into a piece of jewellery that will be worn and loved every day and will ultimately become a family heirloom.

This involves asking focused questions and paying careful attention to their responses in order to build a personalised profile. Fundamentally, my main function is to help them navigate what can feel like a complicated process so that they feel confident about their decisions.

I consider myself a jewellery translator.

Do you guide them, or do they have something in mind already?

Some couples have a rough idea of what appeals to them but need advice and guidance to refine the design. Others are very clear on what they have in mind.

However, there are always things that they have overlooked, and it is my role to ensure that we cover all bases before production commences.

How can someone interested in a bespoke engagement ring approach you?

We, as qualified gemmologists and diamond experts, can provide excellent advice on the characteristics and properties of diamonds and coloured gemstones to ensure that clients make good long-term decisions.

It is attention to the small details that elevates a design from good to great, and we have a great eye for detail.

The conversation includes explaining the various manufacturing options available to them (which have a direct impact on their budget) and the various attributes of gemstones to ensure that they are suitable for everyday wear, which ensures that they get optimum value for money.

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