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Luxury Florence Wedding Venues and Renaissance Romance

Did you know that Florence, Italy, is also called the Jewel of the Renaissance? Florence is a fabulous city, filled with jaw-dropping scenery at every turn, works of timeless art, unique boutiques, and delicious regional food. And if that sounds like it’s right up your street, you should consider adding some of the villas mentioned below to your list of wedding venues.

So, without further ado, let’s unravel some of the most thrilling wedding villas and venues in Florence, Tuscany. Let’s start off with one of the most spectacular villas in Italy.

A classy wedding at Villa Cora

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to attend a royal wedding? In the heart of Florence, there is a spot straight out of an enchanted storybook.

Villa Cora - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events

Villa Cora: Luxury Wedding Venues | Roberta Burcheri Events

Villa Cora is the ideal location for a lavish wedding in the Tuscan capital. The panoramic position overlooking the central city makes it an outstanding venue. The beautiful garden outside the villa is guaranteed to captivate you and your guests. Your Instagram followers will be in awe looking at your feed with this as a backdrop in your wedding pictures.

Every detail was designed to establish a one-of-a-kind landscape you simply can’t see anyplace else. In addition, the inside of the villa itself is an architectural gem. You have the opportunity to host your reception in the 19th-century “Mirror Room.” The glowing atmosphere beneath the high ceilings and brilliant chandeliers complements the regal experience. 

Dreamy Wedding in the Tuscan Hills at Villa Le Fontanelle

Renaissance paintings are alluring. What if your wedding settings resembled one?

Villa Le Fontanelle: Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy | Roberta Burcheri Events

Villa Le Fontanelle not only creates a distinctive mood of nostalgia and romance; it also has a familiar feel that you’re going to love. It almost gives the impression that you’ve been in this place before. 

This luxury wedding villa has such an astonishing Italian garden, perfect for holding that outdoor wedding that you’ve always been daydreaming about.

Not to mention, its terraced garden is positioned to have an extraordinary panoramic view of Florence and its most notable monuments.

An Intimate Outdoor celebration by the River at luxury wedding venue Villa La Massa

Picture a scene set in the remarkable Tuscan countryside. The place is decorated with pure amber hues. You can hear the sound of Arno’s tranquil waters nearby. Olive groves, vineyards, and cypress trees will be all around you as you sip the finest Florentine wines.

Villa La Massa- Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Villa La Massa- Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy | Roberta Burcheri Events

The 25-acre lush garden, which is readily customizable, The sky is the limit! But if that’s a little too dispersive for your needs, you can also exchange vows in five other equally amazing areas:

The Noble Villa and Mill, which have a “renaissance” feel to them, or the Villino, Casa Colonica, and Limonaia, which have a contemporary Tuscan vibe.

For symbolic ceremonies, the villa’s 16th-century private chapel is perfect for an intimate celebration.

If all this wasn’t enough, get ready to be lost in its luscious Tuscan delicacy and Italian staples.

Oh, did I mention the villa’s renowned wine cellar?

History and Romance in the Florentine Skylines of Belmond Villa San Michele

There’s simply that touch of charm when talking about history and romance.

It should come as no surprise that the Belmond Villa San Michele is one of the most sought-after luxury wedding venues in Florence. None other than Michelangelo himself was responsible for creating the facade.

The perfect mix of Villa San Michele’s architectural marvel, romantic ambiance, lush trees, and superb Tuscan cuisine is simply unmatched.

Belmond Villa San Michele - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Belmond Villa San Michele – Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events

You may have your vows solemnized in the building’s stunning old church. On the other hand, there are different options to consider depending on the vibe you’re going for with your wedding. Delightful ceremonies may be held in the terraced garden or in the Cenacolo room, which dates back to the 15th century and is ideal for setting a more sophisticated tone.

Nevertheless, a wonderful setting is not complete without exquisite dining. San Michele’s two restaurants overlook Florence’s most coveted view—the panoramic vista. Their locally sourced produce is the perfect way to appreciate the true magic behind Italian and Tuscan cuisine, a top-notch dining experience, and the greatest view? Si grazie! (Chef’s kiss)

Villa Medicea di Lilliano’s Renowned Wine Estate

Romance and a glass of wine. It just so happens that they always seem to go so well together. And if you happen to love them both, then this should be number one on your possible venue list.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Villa Medicea di Lilliano: Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy | Roberta Burcheri Events

Villa Medicea di Lilliano is situated on a century-old wine estate.Thousands of olive trees and vineyards cover this breathtaking Tuscan landscape. The air is crisp, and the roses and lush fruit trees fill the luxurious garden with Italian scents.

From the moment you enter the gardens to the instant your footsteps enter the villa, you’ll be bedazzled by its sheer magnificence. Walking toward the staircase would make you visualize you and your partner on your wedding day.

Perhaps you’d like to start with an aperitivo while admiring Florence’s Duomo and then have dinner while taking in the views of the Chianti region at sunset. Then, to crown the momentous celebration, you can have a spectacular fireworks display while dancing till the late hours.

Love is in the air within the grand gardens of Villa Gamberaia

When it comes to whimsical wedding venues, nothing beats the magic of Villa Gamberaia. The staggering views overlooking the city of Florence and the uniquely imaginative garden make you feel like you’re Alice walking in Wonderland.

Villa Gamberaia - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Villa Gamberaia: Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy | Roberta Burcheri Events

The gardens, architecture, and views combine to create a mystical atmosphere.

 The villa offers a notable advantage for you and your guests: a serene retreat in the beautiful Tuscan countryside and easy access to Florentine treasures. 

The grounds are readily customizable. The halls are as luxurious as you can imagine, with neoclassical interiors, and the grotto, which is located at the back, holds a congenial space to cater for your grand reception. 

Add a wonderful party and delicious Tuscan food to round off the evening.

The Most Wanted Hotel in Florence, Four Seasons Hotel

When it comes to luxury wedding venues, few can match the finesse of the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. This five-star hotel is conveniently located in the historic centre of Florence, between the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio.

Four Seasons Hotel - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Four Seasons Hotel – Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy | Roberta Burcheri Events

From pre-wedding ceremonies to mini-moons, the Four Seasons Firenze provides a plethora of one-of-a-kind methods to commemorate the beginning of a lifetime.

How lovely would it feel to seal your hotel’s private garden? Or maybe a more meaningful ceremony inside the confines of its little chapel? Perhaps among the most unique frescoes, reliefs, and antique crystal chandeliers?

You and your guests can relax by the pool, indulge in an Italian spa treatment or a Michelin-star meal at one of the hotel restaurants, or even visit the Uffizi, which is just a short walk away. You can also have exclusive access to a historical residence where the world-class painter Leonardo da Vinci once lived.

Plan a hot-air balloon trip from the hotel or a sunset boat cruise down the Arno for a once-in-a-lifetime after-wedding lunch on a private terrace on the Ponte Vecchio.

 Feel the intimate romance of Il Salviatino

But if you are one of those couples who fancy feeling like royalty without the grand celebration (to keep the event more intimate), then Il Salviatino is perfect for your big day!

Il Salviatino - Luxury Wedding Venues Florence Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events
Il Salviatino: Luxury Wedding Venues Florence, Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events

You can rent this gem exclusively to experience its beauty for yourself. So, despite being able to accommodate a lot of people, you still have the liberty to choose an intimate celebration. Imagine having your own private museum. It’s old-fashioned yet contemporary.

The terrace at Il Salviatino overlooks a jaw-dropping view of the garden and the city’s stunning monuments. This venue is also one of the best places to host a chic summer soiree or a morning wedding to capture the golden hues of autumn.

Love became the catalyst for many historical events. And love will be the start of your journey. Therefore, it deserves to be celebrated grandly and properly. And the Renaissance capital of Italy seems like the perfect place to do just that.

With these 10 amazing villas and venues in Florence, you will certainly host the wedding of your dreams.

But with so many stunning spots to select from, picking the finest can be a lot of pressure.

You will undoubtedly hold the wedding of your dreams with these ten stunning homes and locations in Florence.

Which wedding venue would you want to walk down the aisle at? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below!

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