Italian castle wedding venue Meleto Castle

Italian Castle Weddings

If you ever thought that having your dream wedding in a castle is next to impossible, then you’ll be absolutely chuffed at how many choices you have in one of the most romantic places on earth, Italy. From having the most breathtaking panoramic views to experiencing the loveliest sunset in a pleasaunce, this read is for you!

Italian Castles Wedding Venues

Now, there are plenty of castles in Italy so hold on to your veils as we unravel some of the most exclusive castles to choose from. There are three major types of castles that you can use for your wedding:

  • Castles in public spaces that you can rent for private events.
  • Castles owned by nobles who are willing to open their doors for events like weddings.
  • Castles that are converted into beautiful luxury resorts that you can exclusively lease for your wedding.

Depending on the vibe you want your wedding to have or how want your wedding ceremony to play out, each of the castles below delivers a different vibe to it. Let’s start with one of the most magical castles in Italy…

Celsa Castle a fairytale Italian wedding castle in Tuscany

Experience Fairytale in Celsa Castle (Tuscany)

Did you ever wish that you could somehow jump inside an enchanted storybook just to see how beautiful the place is? Let me tell you a secret. Looking at Celsa castle in real life feels like you’re inside a fairytale.

The magnificent view of its sweeping landscape alone can bewitch your eyes. The surrounding park has a stunning Italian Garden, a circular chapel, and many walking paths that entice your guests to explore the adorable nearby towns. Walking inside the castle feels like love is in the air.

No wonder it’s well-recognized for serving as a venue for the most luxurious wedding receptions. These receptions can be set up outside in the park – if you prefer a sunny summer wedding or indoors – if you like to be cozy in an autumn wedding.

There are three different locations for your wedding ceremonies. You can choose to have a sacred rite inside the chapel, an inviting ceremony in the courtyard, or a creative ceremony in the barn.

This castle is an excellent pick if you love nature and fairytales.

Romantic Italian wedding castle Castello Banfi in Tuscany

Love Wine and Romance? Castello Banfi is the place to be (Tuscany)

Wine and romance simply work fantastically together. This Italian castle wedding venue is a captivating family-owned vineyard estate and winery. The peaceful Tuscan landscape enfolds this exquisite and luxurious palace. The nicest views of the nearby medieval village and its farms, vineyards, and woodlands can be enjoyed from here.

It’s beautiful, the air is crispy and it has gained recognition worldwide for the staff’s commitment to excellence and for inspiring a revival in the craft of Italian winemaking.

Imagine not only getting married in a castle but also where the best Italian wines are made. Your friends will be amazed!

They’ll appreciate you, even more, when you welcome them with an aperitif at the castle’s courtyard. Then, you and your guests can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at a long table that this elegant property is also known for.

Italian castle wedding venue Il Palagio Tuscany

Experience bliss and intimacy in Castello Il Palagio (Tuscany)

If you want to be extra cozy while celebrating your love, then look no further than Castello II Palagio. Vineyards and hushed olive trees give this castle a warm embrace. It may have a dainty layout but don’t let that trick you – It can still house plenty of guests during the ceremony and reception. 

Several available outdoor and indoor areas allow you or your planner to have a lot of creative ideas for your perfect photo sessions, symbolic ceremonies, and cocktails.  And because of its more miniature design, you’ll easily be “teleported” from one magical location to another. The forest of olive trees, the back lawn, and the castle are just a short walk away from each other.

There are no neighbouring properties around the area. So at night, you can dance to your favourite music under the moonlight for as long as you want. Aaahhhh just thinking about it makes me want to plan a dream party!

Italian castle wedding venue castel Odelaschi

The Grand Castello of Odescalchi (Lazio)

This is one of the most sought-after Italian castles wedding venues in Italy. It’s where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married. The venue is so prestigious that it’s being used for major fashion events, top-rated luxury weddings, and grand conventions.

Prepare to be flabbergasted (in the most pleasing way of course) once you enter and see the highly refined, luxurious living areas. It has elegant halls, rooms, inside courts, and a secret garden. Your pics will look like the front cover of Glamour.

Outside, the secret garden has a lovely surprise for you and your guests. And don’t worry if you have a gazillion guests because this castle can comfortably welcome more than one thousand friends and family.

Personalize your Wedding at Monaci Castle (Puglia)

Are you an imaginative bride who wants a unique and one-of-a-kind castle wedding ? Monaci castle boasts a wedding location capable of assembling a special event that aligns with your personality. You’ll be served by its celebrated staff who work meticulously to make your dream wedding a reality.  Everything you want and need is guaranteed to be taken care of… Talk about royal services.

Having total creative authority to decide how you want to design a beautiful venue really makes your wedding feel like it’s all about you. And it should. You and your planner can get good ideas just from the gorgeous park full of flowers reflected in the swimming pool. The amazing backdrop for your pictures will make you want to pin them at the top of your Instagram page.

The marvellous Hall of Shields or the inner courtyard can also create the most fantastic frames for your photo ops. Indeed a bespoke wedding to be remembered for a lifetime.

Italian castle wedding venue Meleto Castle

Refreshing Vibrance in Meleto Castle (Tuscany)

Do you fancy a solemn gathering mixed with scrumptious food, delicious wine, and nature? Then Meleto castle is for you. Its very alluring virgin lands and drop-dead gorgeous vineyards make this venue feel like an oasis. 

Get lost with the scent of cellars and oil mills in the air that will put you in a tender mood. Its soothing house rooms and residences bring the atmosphere of a simple and classic Tuscan countryside. You can sleep in a heavenly suite built with original wooden beams and ornamental floors – that offers an intoxicating view of the garden.

For symbolic ceremonies, the castle and deconsecrated chapel – together with the herb garden is just perfection. Make your guests feel like they’re in cloud 9 by offering a welcome aperitivo in the open giardino. 

And for the exciting cake cutting and dancing, the former stable is the best place to be.

Italian castle wedding venue belmond castel di casole

Luxury Hotel at Belmond Castello di Casole (Tuscany)

When it comes to luxury castle hotels, few can match the finesse of Belmond Castello di Casole.  There are many opportunities for you and your visitors to enjoy, including a purely Italian restaurant, stargazing at the grounds after a relaxing aperitivo, a spa, and a visit in the gallery. Guests can also relax by taking a dip at the elegant outdoor pool and unwind by hiking or cycling. Vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and wheat fields that make you feel one with nature surround the estate.

The castle’s exterior sites are readily customizable for a personalized event flow so make sure your artistic side is ready. The renewed Chiesa S. Tommaso is an enchanting church venue for an intimate wedding of up to 50 guests. If you’re really feeling like a queen and want to invite every single friend and family, you can hire the entirety of Belmond Castle for exclusive use.

But the most desired spot for Italian castle wedding ceremonies is its majestic amphitheater. It provides a glorious view over the Tuscan countryside.

Italian castle wedding venue belmond castel di casole

Experience The Farmhouse Castle of Bibbione (Tuscany)

Bibbione Castle is a farmhouse featuring a variety of apartment layouts, private gardens, a pool, and a breathtaking view of the Chianti hills.

Nothing can beat the aperitivo experience in this castle, when held in its exquisite panoramic terrace. It’s where you can treat yourself and your guests to spectacular sunsets over the Chianti hills. It has a commanding view of exceptional beauty and tranquility while completely surrounded by greenery.

Bibbione has a gorgeous courtyard and an open gallery for the wedding reception, where guests can enjoy an outdoor dining experience on a warm summer night.

Despite their world-class amenities, the apartments have a rustic aesthetic. You’ll also love the wellness centre and the fine outdoor area.

Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle

The Jaw-dropping View in Velona Castle (Tuscany)

It’s no surprise that this is a preferred venue for Italian castle weddings, because of its picturesque location and stunning scenery. The picturesque Tuscan countryside with the palace’s exterior aesthetics is the perfect backdrop for your big day.

If you want an even more intimate view, there’s a scenic terrace overlooking the quiet Val d’Orcia, the stylish gardens, and the courtyard.

There are also plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy your activities. The little plaza at the property’s entryway may be used for a symbolic ceremony and an aperitif. For either large or small groups who don’t rent the Castle exclusively, the terrace is available for dinner and an after-dinner party. Renting the castle exclusively allows you to host the after-dinner party by the terraced pool.

A bonus for wedding banquets, the resident chef prepares the most delicious menu. Yum!

Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle

Feel the Romance in The Air at Vincigliata Castle (Tuscany)

Just a tad miles away from the heart of Florence, this is among the most charming places to be.

The castle has a distinctive location that provides for an unforgettable wedding. It has a gorgeous terrace, a romantic courtyard, and jaw-dropping views of the Tuscan rolling hills. You can easily see the Duomo and the city centre of Florence. 

In addition to the main building, the castle includes a formal garden with a lawn area, appropriate for a blessing ceremony and a sizeable terrace with terracotta paving where the cocktail can be served. There are two main areas within the castle: a gated courtyard for an outdoor seated lunch and a considerable covered pavilion for larger gatherings of up to 300 people or for inclement weather plans.

The bedrooms are tastefully decorated with antiques, paintings from the XVI century, and magnificent furniture.

During dinner, you can include the wine that the owners make in your wedding menu for a truly memorable Italian castle wedding style.

Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle

Photo by Jules Bower

Walk in The Vastness of Vineyards in Verrazzano Castle (Tuscany)

You’re probably familiar with the surname Verrazano if you’re from New York. That’s because Verrazano castle is the family residence of navigator and New York harbour discoverer Giovanni da Verrazzano. 

Standing on top of a hill, this magnificent Italian wedding castle has been meticulously refurbished and is flanked by private vineyards and elegant Italian gardens. There’s a panoramic terrace that you can share with your guests as it can house more than 100 people. It has expansive views of the surrounding countryside. The vast vineyard that stretches over 200 hectares is a relaxing treat for your eyes.

The farmhouse is converted into attractive lodging. It also has an agriturismo, a perfect location to unwind after a day of nature appreciation and strolls through nearby vineyards.

Naturally, their farm restaurant serves food made with fresh ingredients from organic farming. Definitely the finest wedding venue to satisfy you and your guests’ cravings for natural, fresh cuisine.

You, your spouse, friends, and family will undoubtedly remember this wedding with a twist of the authentic Italian experience.

Italian castle wedding venue Modanella castle.png

Feel Enchanted with the Farmhouses in Castle Modanella (Tuscany)

Last but not least, another castle that sits atop a hill is the beautiful-looking Modanella Castle. Be charmed by the little Modanella farmhouses that envelop this majestic building. 

You’d definitely feel like you’re on top of the world as the castle towers above its surroundings. It gives you a beautiful view of the different farm buildings that have been lovingly repaired and furnished with cozy, rustic interiors.

Catholic weddings can be held in the Church, accommodating up to 80 people, while symbolic ceremonies are permitted in one of the Castle’s rooms, the court, or one of the gardens.

There is a large space outside for about 200 people. While dinner is often served in the spectacular court, the cocktail hour can be enjoyed in the restaurant’s garden.

A Summer Italian Castle wedding reception inside Castello Modanella

Summing it all up…

Getting married in a castle doesn’t have to exist only in your dreams. Hiring one is as easy as hiring any other venues.

But with so many beautiful castles to choose from, picking the right one can seem like a difficult task. But if you already have a picture of how you want your dream wedding to look like – and a brilliant wedding planner to help you – then it’s only a matter of budget, place, and availability before you can say “I do” in the perfect venue.

Which three castles would you consider walking down the aisle to? Share your thoughts below. I absolutely love to hear from you

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