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Have you ever dreamed of having your wedding in an Italian castle? Well, guess what? It’s totally possible! Especially in Italy, one of the most romantic places on earth.

From having the most breathtaking panoramic views to experiencing the loveliest sunset in a pleasurable way, this article is for you!

Italian castles as wedding venues

Do you know that Italy has a ton of castles to explore? Let’s take a look at some of the most exclusive ones that you won’t want to miss. Hold on tight to your veils! There are primarily three categories of castles available for weddings:

  1. Castles in public spaces that you can rent for private events.
  2. Nobles who own castles are willing to open them up for special occasions like weddings.
  3. Castles converted into beautiful luxury resorts are available to lease exclusively for events.

Depending on the vibe you want your wedding to have or how you want your wedding ceremony to play out, each of the castles below delivers a different vibe. Let’s start with one of the most magical castles in Italy.

Experience your own Fairytale in Celsa Castle

Celsa Castle a fairytale Italian wedding castle in Tuscany

The sweeping landscape is absolutely stunning and will definitely capture your attention! You’ll love the beautiful Italian Garden and circular chapel in the park, as well as the charming nearby towns that are perfect for exploring on foot.

There is a palpable sense of love when you are inside the castle.

No wonder it’s one of the most luxurious wedding receptions. You have the option to set up your reception outside in the park if you’re planning a sunny summer wedding. Or indoors, if you prefer a cozy atmosphere for your autumn wedding.

There are three different locations for your wedding ceremonies. You can choose to have a sacred rite inside the chapel, an inviting ceremony in the courtyard, or a creative ceremony in the barn.

This castle is an excellent pick if you love nature and fairytales.

If you Love wine and romance Castello Banfi is the place to be

Romantic Italian wedding castle Castello Banfi in Tuscany

Wine and romance are a match made in heaven. An idyllic Tuscan landscape surrounds this family-owned vineyard estate and winery. It’s absolutely outstanding. From here, you can enjoy the nicest views of the nearby medieval village and vineyards.

It’s beautiful, the air is crispy, and it has gained recognition worldwide for the staff’s commitment to excellence and for inspiring a revival in the craft of Italian winemaking.

During the wedding aperitif in the castle courtyard and the candlelight dinner that follows, your guests will enjoy the local wines.

Photo by Giovanni Grieco

Italian castle wedding venue Il Palagio Tuscany

Experience bliss and intimacy in Castello Il Palagio

Castello II Palagio is an ideal destination for a cozy wedding celebration. Olive trees and peaceful vineyards surround this castle. It may have a modest layout, but don’t let that trick you. It can still house plenty of guests during the ceremony and reception. 

Your planner can get creative with portrait sessions, symbolic ceremonies, and drinks across different spots.  And because of its more miniature design, you’ll easily be “teleported” from one magical place to another.The olive grove, the back lawn, and the castle are all within walking distance of each other.

No neighbors, no problem! Dance to your favorite music under the moonlight all night long!

Italian castle wedding venue castel Odelaschi

It’s been the go-to spot for major fashion events, top-rated luxury weddings, and grand 

Italian castle wedding venue Meleto Castle
The Grand Castello of Odescalchi

The secret garden will be a lovely surprise for your guests. And don’t worry if you have a gazillion guests because this castle can comfortably welcome more than one thousand friends and family.

Personalize your Wedding at Monaci Castle

Calling all creative souls on the hunt for a truly unforgettable wedding experience?

Look no further than Monaci Castle!

Monaci Castle boasts a wedding location capable of assembling a special event that aligns with your personality.

With its breathtaking setting and personalized approach, this venue is the perfect choice for creating a one-of-a-kind event that you and your guests will never forget. Guaranteed to have everything you want and need taken care of! Talk about royal services!

When you have complete creative control over designing a stunning venue, it truly elevates your wedding and 

makes it all about you! Well, duh, obviously.

Its stunning park, full of flowers reflecting in the crystal-clear swimming pool, will be the backdrop for your pictures. It’s so stunning, you’ll want to feature them at the top of your Instagram feed! 📸

Refreshing Vibrance in Meleto Castle

If you’re a nature lover, a foodie or a wine enthusiast looking for a breathtaking destination, Meleto Castle is the perfect spot for you! 🏰💫

Obsessed with the soothing vibes of this scented escape! 😍

You will indulge in the enchanting aroma of cellars and oil mills, which will leave you feeling absolutely blissful.

The properties here create the perfect atmosphere of a simple and classic Tuscan countryside. You can sleep like royalty in this heavenly suite, with original wooden beams  offering an intoxicating view of the lush garden. Such a heavenly retreat!

The castle deconsecrated chapel, along with the herb garden, are absolute perfection for any symbolic ceremony, while the former stable is THE spot for the most epic cake cutting and dancing. Keep your guests on Cloud 9 from the excitement and regal party vibes!

For the exciting cake cutting and dancing moment, the former stable is the best place to be.

Italian castle wedding venue belmond castel di casole

When it comes to luxury castle hotels, few can match the finesse of Belmond Castello di Casole.  If you’re looking for a luxurious, relaxing wedding weekend, I’ve got just the place for you! This spot has everything you need for a perfect R&R post-wedding event.

From a mouth-watering Italian restaurant to stargazing under the night sky with a refreshing aperitivo in hand,. And that’s not all! You can also pamper yourself at the spa and check out the amazing gallery. Trust me, you won’t want to leave!

High-end Italian castle wedding spot: Castello di Casole

The castle’s outdoor areas can be customized to fit your personal style and preferences for your event. So, get ready to unleash your creativity! The Chiesa S. Tommaso is a beautiful church venue that would be perfect for an intimate wedding with up to 50 guests.

But its amphitheatre is the crown jewel of Italian castle wedding venues, boasting a breathtaking perspective of the Tuscan countryside.

Italian castle wedding venue belmond castel di casole
Experience The Farmhouse Castello di Bibbione

Obsessed with the stunning views of the Chianti Hills from Bibbione Castle! This farmhouse has everything you need for a luxurious stay, from private gardens to a refreshing pool.

The aperitivo experience at this castle is simply unbeatable, especially when enjoyed on its exquisite panoramic terrace looking over the stunning Chianti countryside.

Bibbione has a gorgeous courtyard and an open gallery for the wedding reception, where guests can enjoy an outdoor dining experience on a warm summer night.

Despite their world-class amenities, the apartments have a rustic aesthetic. You’re sure to fall in love with both.

Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle

Photo by Studio Righi

The Jaw-dropping View in Velona Castle

It’s no surprise that this is a preferred venue for Italian castle weddings, because of its picturesque location and stunning scenery. The picturesque Tuscan countryside with the palace’s exterior aesthetics is the perfect backdrop for your big day.

If you want an even more intimate view, there’s a scenic terrace overlooking the quiet Val d’Orcia, the stylish gardens, and the courtyard.

Numerous scenic locations are available for recreational pursuits. The property’s entrance plaza can serve as a venue for a symbolic ceremony and pre-dinner drinks. The terrace is open for dinner and post-dinner parties for non-exclusive Castle renters, regardless of group size. Exclusive castle rentals enable you to host a post-dinner gathering at the terraced pool.

As a bonus for wedding banquets, the resident chef prepares the most delicious menu. Yum!

Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle
Italian castle wedding venue Velona castle

Feel the Romance in The Air at Vincigliata Castle

The venue, situated a short distance from the center of Florence, is considered one of the most wonderful destinations, due to the castle’s unique location. The property features a beautiful terrace, a charming courtyard, and stunning vistas of the undulating Tuscan landscape. The Duomo and Florence’s city centers are readily visible.

The garden has a lush lawn area that would be perfect for a picturesque blessing ceremony. Oh, and don’t forget about the terrace! It’s got beautiful terracotta paving that’s just perfect for a fancy cocktail party.

Photo by Jules Bower

There are essentially two main areas in the castle. One is a gated courtyard where you can enjoy your lunch, and a covered pavilion that can accommodate up to 300 people. It’s perfect for bigger events or if the weather is not so great.

Bonus: You can add the owners’ homemade wine to your wedding menu during dinner. It’ll give your Italian castle wedding a really special touch!

Walk in The Vastness of Vineyards in Verrazzano Castle

You’re probably familiar with the surname Verrazano if you’re from New York. That’s because Verrazano Castle is the family residence of navigator and New York harbour discoverer Giovanni da Verrazzano. 

This magnificent Italian wedding castle, perched atop a hill, has undergone painstaking renovations. Private vineyards and tasteful Italian gardens surround it. There’s a panoramic terrace that you can share with your guests, as it can house more than 100 people. It has expansive views of the surrounding countryside. The vast vineyard that stretches over 200 hectares is a relaxing treat for your eyes.

The farmhouse is converted into attractive lodging. It also has an agriturismo, a perfect location to unwind after a day of nature appreciation and strolls through nearby vineyards.

Naturally, their farm restaurant serves food made with fresh ingredients from organic farming. It’s definitely the finest wedding venue to satisfy you and your guests’ cravings for natural, fresh cuisine.

You, your spouse, friends, and family will undoubtedly remember this wedding with a twist of the authentic Italian experience.

Feel Enchanted with the Farmhouses in Castle Modanella
Italian castle wedding venue Modanella castle.png

Last but not least, another castle that sits atop a hill is the beautiful-looking Modanella Castle. The small Modanella farmhouses enveloping this majestic building will charm you.

You’d definitely feel like you’re on top of the world as the castle towers above its surroundings. Oh, you’ll love the view of all the farmhouses that have been fixed up so nicely, so cozy and rustic!

Catholic weddings can be held in the church, accommodating up to 80 people, while symbolic ceremonies are permitted in one of the castle’s rooms, the court, or one of the gardens.

There is a large space outside for about 200 people. While dinner is often served in the spectacular court, the cocktail hour can be enjoyed in the restaurant’s garden.

A Summer Italian Castle wedding reception inside Castello Modanella

Last but not least, another castle that sits atop a hill is the beautiful-looking Modanella Castle. The tiny Modanella farmhouses that surround this imposing structure will enchant you.

You’d definitely feel like you’re on top of the world as the castle towers above its surroundings. It gives you a beautiful view of the different farm buildings that have been lovingly repaired and furnished with cozy, rustic interiors.

Summing it all up…

Getting married in a castle doesn’t have to exist only in your dreams. Hiring one is as easy as hiring any other venue.

But with so many beautiful castles to choose from, picking the right one can seem like a difficult task. But if you already have a picture of what you want your dream wedding to look like and a brilliant wedding planner to help you, then it’s only a matter of budget, place, and availability before you can say “I do” in the perfect venue.

Which three castles would you consider walking down the aisle to? Share your thoughts below. I absolutely love to hear from you

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