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5 Tips to Elevate your Wedding Guest Experience

If you are one of those people who are willing to give everything to make your wedding iconic, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to talk about several clever and nifty ways to create an unforgettable wedding guest experience!

1.  Send out the invitations, but allow them to RSVP online

All of us are aware that the party starts before the actual wedding day. When you send out the invitations, why not try to stir things up a bit from the start? It will make up for a great wedding experience for the guests to be able to RSVP online. Plus, this avoids the hustle and bustle of having to go to the post office and reply.

baby blue wedding invite envelope and white invite with a silky baby blue ribbon on top, laying on a baby blue background and some white and yellow stemmed flower on the top right hand corner
Stationery styled stock photography for overlaying stationery designs. Styled stock photography for creative businesses a collaboration between Mae Mae Co and the SC Stockshop.

2.  Give out welcome baskets

This already sounds like a delight, right? Have some thoughtful and customized welcome baskets prepared for your friends and family. You can have them handed over to them as soon as they arrive, as a welcome present. The baskets can be filled with all sorts of various gifts that can either be connected your wedding like a welcome gift basket for your destination wedding guests, with refreshing local citrus essence products. The choice is yours!

basket to welcome wedding guest

3.  Organize a group photo

A big part of the wedding guest experience is to create memories together and the only one way to make them last forever s to take pictures of your day! Dedicate 15 minutes to gather all of your loved ones and create the perfect group photo and make it fun and a smooth operation! If you don’t have a wedding planner, make sure you delegate someone in your bridal party to assist the photographer to group people – remember your supplier doesn’t know your guests name! In addition, you can opt for a photo booth that will keep all of your attendees entertained – regardless of their age!

Group photo for destination wedding italy
image Studio fotografico di Stefano

4.   Create a hashtag

Another often celebrated wedding experience for the guests is the all-famous hashtag. Create a special hashtag for your epic celebration, and urge people to use it when they are posting the pictures on social media. The next day you will be amazed by all the candid and fun photos you will see on social media! They will also have fun browsing through them all!

wedding hashtags

5.  Fun music playlist

Some of the best memories at weddings happen on the dancefloor! Just thin about some of the most fun weddings you’ve been at and you’d know what we mean! When it is time to talk about the unforgettable wedding guest experience, the best thing by far is the music! Whether you’ll have a show band or a DJ playing those tunes put together a playlist to get your guests in the mood to get up and dance and the night away! Simply choose songs that will put smiles on everyone’s face.

Planning an insane wedding guest experience throughout the entire day can be quite challenging, but by itaking on board a few of these ideas, you will be able to create an unparalleled atmosphere for everyone.

If you need any help making these ideas your wedding guests’ experience and your wedding day memorable contact us, we’d love all your ideas!

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