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Having a Bilingual Wedding? Here are the 5 tips for everyone to understand you!

When love comes knocking on your door, it does not choose language or culture!

You and your future spouse are bilingual but your families speak different languages? Step into your happily ever after in an easy and simple way: plan a bilingual wedding! It is a unique experience that you and your guests will always remember.

Naturally, you will need some ideas and planning tips to glow up your big day, so let’s dive in.

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1. Wedding Invitations

Having a bilingual wedding means you should probably start thinking in two languages even before the ceremony! Wedding invitations are an important part of the entire experience, along with the invitation suite details, that will provide additional information. When organizing a bilingual wedding it is important to show your guests that you are thinking about them too. Opting for invitations in their native language is a perfect way to start!

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2.  Traditions from Both Cultures

True, this is not about the language, but it is closely connected since it is still part of a different culture. One of the best bilingual wedding ideas is to channel some unique traditions of the both of you. Whether you decide to add some cultural flair to your culinary delights, music selection, or some small games at the reception; it will be highly appreciated by your loved ones!

3.  Interpreter

Bilingual weddings are even more amazing if you hire an interpreter! This is a person who would be responsible for translating your wedding vows from one language to another and will do it in a thoughtful manner. It is a way for all of your guests to be included in the ceremony and feel special.

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4.  Speeches

At a bilingual wedding, there are always more than a few people who want to congratulate the happy couple! So, one way to keep things short, sweet, and interesting is to let a few people give speeches, and give them in their language. The interpreter would be able to provide a proper interpretation, jokes, and everything!

Wedding speeches - Bilingual Wedding Planner
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5.  Bilingual Wedding Planner

At one point, you might find yourself in need of some assistance. The list of bilingual wedding ideas can be endless, and it is always nice to have an extra pair of hands to go through it together. This is why having a professional on board is important.

Bilingual planner for bilingual wedding

The planner will get acquainted with all of the traditional customs, help you streamline your event, make sure you have the best interpreter, book the best possible vendors that would fit your story, and take care of every single detail, ensuring everything flows as smoothly as possible.

Having a bilingual wedding means having the best from both worlds – yours and your partner’s. By adding these elements to your special day you will bring people together – and that is extremely important. After all, the marriage will bind two families together, thus it is vital to pay respects to both sides.

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