The Luxury Sicilian Wedding Experience: The Five Chicest and Most Exclusive Venues to get married in Sicily

The question has been popped, the ring is on your finger, and the date has been set.

Now, it’s time to choose your wedding venue, setting up the backdrop of your Instagram feed-worthy images. No pressure, right?

Fairytales deserve an extra touch of magic, and there is no better place than luxurious wedding venues in Sicily. This is one of the world’s most enchanting and romantic islands in the Mediterranean – a treasure trove of art, music, cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and exquisite architecture.

You must be thinking, “Sicily is a huge island! There’s like a myriad of places to choose from!” Don’t fret! Like a fairy godmother on your big day, we’re here to help you skim through 5 of the best wedding venues in Sicily. 

Castello di Xirumi Wedding – Tying the knot in a magical historic castle

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A great love story deserves an equally whimsical wedding venue. Castello di Xirumi is a majestic 16th-century castle built in the heart of the Sicilian countryside. The place is notorious for its vast fields of citrus groves and neo-gothic facade that give it a magical atmosphere.

Inside the castle, elegant arches and rustic fireplaces built in stone make you feel like you’re in an old fairytale. Perfect for old-timey Instagram feeds!

Imagine walking down the aisle and saying “I do”  within those century-old trees. Or better yet, inside its small chapel for a truly unique royal-like wedding. The outdoor pool beside the citrus groves featuring water features and romantic lighting is the perfect setting for your cocktail hour in the courtyard garden facing the castle. The Old mill inside the castle can easily be transformed into the chicest party setting with a stone built-in cocktail bar.

 Castelmola – There’s nothing like a celebration in a medieval village

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A huge milestone calls for a giant Sicilian feast with good music, great food, and impeccable wine. 

Suppose you’re looking for a less intimate wedding. In that case, Castelmola Town is the perfect place…imagine having a medieval village all to yourself! The views are a breathtaking panorama. Green hills and crimson houses make an explosion of colour. Grab your film cameras because its fantastic architecture and idyllic Italian scenery will make the perfect polaroid pictures.

This place also calls for your creative authority. You can choose countless sites for your ceremony. But wherever it may be, the townspeople will surely turn your celebration into a remarkable tale, that incorporates the essence of Sicilian heritage into a noteworthy event. The genuineness will make even a a big wedding have an intimate atmosphere.

Image from Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea Gallery

Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea – Luxury Beach Wedding in Sicily

Do you fancy a great wine topped with a breathtaking view? Your classic wedding will have its very own tropical twist. Set on its own exclusive beach, one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Italy will be the best backdrop to your big day. 

Villa Sant’Andrea…There’s nothing more marvellous than a private beach as a seafront ceremony, followed by a champagne reception in a charming garden. The Tritone Room or the Pergola are perfect options if you’re looking for a more private space with breathtaking bay views.

There’s nothing more magical than a private beach as a seafront ceremony, followed by a champagne reception in an enchanting garden. The Tritone Room or the Pergola are perfect options if you’re looking for a more private space with breathtaking bay views of Isolabella.

Did I mention that the place also easily accommodates non-abled people, pets, and children? Talk about impeccable service!

San Domenico Palace – Love is in the air in the preserved antique former monastery in the heart of Taormina.

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Do you want to begin a new chapter with the love of your life, kissed by the Mediterranean sun and surrounded by the legendary beauty of Mount Etna? The San Domenico Palace will give your big day the timely elegance it deserves.

Guests are welcomed by this hotel in the town’s historic district into the allure of its historical surroundings, among unmatched panoramas, and fine details for your unique moments.

The stellar Sicilian cuisine it offers is a bonus. Numerous restaurants in this 15th-century former monastery will please even the pickiest eaters and let you experience the flavours of Sicily. Yum!

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Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo – Feel the Romance in the Rugged Hills of Taormina

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Last but not least, just a few steps from the magnificent Greek Theatre – this is the place to be!

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is one of Sicily’s most sought-after luxury wedding venues, being favoured by the greatest European and Hollywood stars, from Sophia Loren to Marcello Mastroianni and from Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor in their “hey-days”.

The luxurious ballrooms and outdoor terraces with different views of the Greek Theatre, Mount Etna, and Bay of Giardini Naxos make this magnificent hotel the ideal location for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The private terraces and the interior of the rooms are tastefully decorated.
But, of course, nothing beats the aftermath of love, food, and wine. The hotel restaurant’s chefs love to tailor their cuisines to produce remarkable masterpieces. They will take visitors on a thrilling culinary journey through local delicacies. Top all that with a glass of Etna sparkling wine, and your wedding day will be unbeatable!

Your luxury Sicilian wedding can come true in the stunning settings of the Mediterranean island. May it be on the beach overlooking the beautiful Villa Sant’Andrea and Isolabella, a baroque palace, or a medieval town by the garden. We’re experienced in luxury wedding venues and traditions and know the most trusted suppliers in the Sicily.

Which venues in Sicily would you say “I do” to? Share your thoughts below. I absolutely love to hear from you

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