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wedding trends | five reasons to plan your stunning autumn wedding

Are Autumn weddings becoming the new norm? The increasing number of famous couples tying the knot in the harvest season says, Yes! But why?

Princess Eugenie, Anne Hathaway, and Hailey Bieber all had their big days during the season change.

But what makes these weddings so attractive?

Take a look at the top 5 reasons why autumn weddings hit differently.

1. Magazine-worthy shots

Just like that scene from “Bridgerton” where Anthony was confessing to Kate, the color palettes of autumn wedding themes are simply magical. Photographers love autumnal light. It gives them the opportunity to capture unique atmospheric shots that you can adore for a lifetime. Falling red leaves and the warm tones of your I-do’s create a stunning scene.

And don’t forget, fall is also the harvest season. This means fresh wheat, hay, and even pumpkins may be included in your scenery.

2. a one-off autumn wedding theme

You and your wedding planner will also love the variety of wedding ideas and inspiration that weddings in autumn can offer. The bright oranges and warm reds present wonderful options. With so many textures and rich colors, the decor possibilities are endless.

Autumn is linked with more natural, rich, and earthy tones, and rustic, rural, vineyard, vintage, and bohemian wedding themes complement autumn weddings perfectly.

3. Guest presence is more likely to be higher than in Summer weddings

The majority of people try to go on vacation during the summer season. When holding your wedding between September and November, you can expect more guests to be able to attend. People are less likely to be out of town during these times. Not to mention how your preferred photographer will more likely be available during these months. 

4. It’s not hot, it’s not freezing, and it’s perfect.

Many couples expect to have a bright and sunny day for their nuptials. However, summer doesn’t always guarantee sunshine.

Having your wedding in the autumn gives you time to prepare accordingly for chillier weather. The best part? Your hair won’t freeze, and your groom won’t be sweaty! You’ll be able to wear attractive long-sleeved dresses without the fear of overheating in the summer sun. Autumn weddings

You and your guests can also have fun wearing glamorous accessories. It will only be a nice surprise if you are blessed with a burst of gorgeous, warm autumn sunshine. While most of the season is tempered, the sun sometimes makes an appearance during October (Indian Summer).

5. Autumn food catering choices are so indulgent.

Autumn brings earthy meals and warming delicacies that simply cannot be served during hot summer evenings. This is a great opportunity to add autumnal treats and midnight snacks. Think hot cider and caramelized apples to treat your guests, or pumpkin-based wedding cake.


So whether you want to do something unique for your big day or you simply love those season-changing feels, holding your wedding during autumn is definitely a viable option to consider. Not only will your wedding be an event to remember, but you can also share your day with even more of your loved ones.

What’s your biggest reason to say yes to an autumn-themed wedding? Share your thoughts below.

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