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Most commonly asked questions to ask a wedding planner 

If you’re ready to start looking for a wedding planner (meaning scheduling a meeting, as opposed to price shopping on an app or a website), there are some essential questions you should ask during your consultation and why they’re important.

Typically before contacting them you should check their reviews, their blogs, social media to find out if they’re the right people for you. The second stage would be a face-to-face call to tell them about your big day ideas and ask them the right questions.

If you need help figuring out what questions to ask a wedding planner, here is a list that will most likely assist you.

1.  Availability

It’s essential that you ask for their availability in the first instance. No wonder this is one of the top 10 questions to ask a wedding planner before booking them. 

In fact, on your first meeting with the wedding planner, this is the first question you need to ask. You must know they are available on and before the date. Remember that they may be booked up, especially during the busy summer season. 

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2. Budget

What you need to ask a wedding planner is whether there is common ground when it comes to the budget. Would they be available and interested in working with you based on the allocated amount? This is also considered an important question for your first meeting with the wedding planner.

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3. Deciding on vendors

You might want to clarify this challenging task before you hire your planner. One of the top 10 questions to ask your wedding planner is how to make the final decision on your vendors. Since it is your wedding, you should have the final say regarding which vendors to use. What you need to ask a wedding planner is – Do they work just with certain suppliers? Do they take a commission from their recommended vendors, or are they more objective in their selection process? How do they select the wedding vendors they pitch to you?

4. How do they charge

This is considered one of the trickiest questions. Before going into the details of how often you should talk to your wedding planner, you need to clear the air regarding their fee. Will there be any hidden charges on top of the flat fee that you have agreed upon? If so, how are these calculated? What’s included in the fee and what’s not? Make sure to get your notes out on this one and listen carefully so you can avoid an awkward situation later on when the payment is due.

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5. How often should you communicate?

If you are wondering about how often you should talk to a wedding planner, the answer is as often as possible. They should keep you informed of the most recent developments and guarantee that they are on top of any situation that may arise.


Investing in a professional is always a good idea – it saves you the trouble of organizing everything yourself. In addition, the right planner will relieve you from any stress and anxiety, so what you need to ask your wedding planner before booking them is extremely important. 

We strive to deliver excellence when it comes to saving time, energy, and money – and we let you take your course instead of pushing our suggestions. Feel free to get in touch and ask us everything you want to know!

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