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Wedding Costs Breakdown – The Ultimate Guide

You have started thinking about planning your big day, and there are plenty of things to go through! You may find yourself with a long list of things you need to complete so you could have your perfect day. Of course, everything on that list will have a cost.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you with the financial aspect of planning, let’s look at all wedding costs breakdown the and make the most out of your budget.

Wedding Costs Breakdown:

Amalfi Coast luxury wedding venue Villa Cimbrone in Ravello - Wedding costs breakdown
Villa Cimbrone in Ravello Amalfi Coast. Image Francesco Mantino

Wedding venue

The first thing on your wedding costs breakdown list should be the venue! Make a guest list and see how big of a venue you need. Also, consider other parameters, such as the location of your venue, outdoor or indoor, etc. The wedding venue can cost up to 40% of your budget (less if catering isn’t involved).


Once you start to planning your wedding, you will realize a big part of the wedding costs breakdown is tailoring your menu. How much will it cost is directly tied to your guest list number. The larger the list – the higher the expenses. Another factor is the quality and what kind of meals you want to be served. Depending on what you have in mind, the cost of catering can rise as high as 23%.


The wedding cost breakdown guide would not be complete without photography and videography. Look into photographers, their style, portfolio, and the services they offer. This would consume about 15% of your funds.

Wedding cake

They say a wedding without a cake is just a party. So setting aside a small chunk of your budget for a spectacular cake is just a must! Currently, depending on how many guests you plan to have and how large you want the cake to be, the cost should be about 3%.


The floral decor will compliment your wedding aesthetic, reflecting your personal style. It is an investment that is bound to amaze everyone and set the tone of your celebration. Besides the ceremony and reception decor, the bouquet and boutonnieres enter the overall equation. The wedding cost breakdown for florals can go as high as 10%.

wedding floral arrangement with peach  peonies, white anemone cream roses and succulent - Wedding costs breakdown

Music Entertainment

Music is one of the most important factors in setting the mood for your big day. From ceremony to the afterparty, whether you fancy a show-band or a DJ, working out the cost of wedding music is a top priority, and it will typically require about 10%.

Summer wedding ceremony roberta burcheri events - Wedding costs breakdown

Wedding outfits

Do not forget your attires! Everything from wedding gown to shoes, make-up, hair, suit, and tie can cost from 5-7%, depending on your preferences. The funds that you spend for your wedding outfits don’t need to be reported to your wedding planner but it’s still part of your wedding costs breakdown. Same goes for accessories.

Wedding rings

wedding rings - Wedding costs breakdown

Essentials check! You can’t have a wedding without wedding bands! The price of the wedding rings will vary, so look into the styles you desire, and see which style would fit you and your partner’s personalities the most. An average expense is about 3%.

Wedding costs breakdown- Other

Wrapping up the ultimate wedding budget guide with everything else that forms part of your big day! From the stationery (3%) to the officiant fees, and from the transportation (3%) to favors and welcome baskets (2%) – go through everything you need and set aside these extra funds.

Before diving deep into the organization, make sure to prioritize what’s important to you two. See what to book first and which items are not essential. This can help you get a more realistic picture of what you would spend on your celebration.

Keep this wedding costs breakdown guide to keep track of your budget and keep in mind that you don’t need to fully stick to it, but rather take it as advice that can assist you in managing your costs while organizing your wedding. Consider this invaluable advice on effectively spreading your budget, and start planning.

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