Complete Guide to Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

Wedding Suppliers Spotlight – Patsy Scott, from Majestic Skin in Liverpool

When should a bride-to-be get pre-wedding beauty treatments? Roberta asked leading skin therapist Patsy Scott from Majestic skin in Liverpool, who gave us her best pro-tips to get that glorious bridal glow!

Owner and lead beautician at Majestic in Liverpool, she will be telling us all about skincare and what brides and couples generally face during the wedding planning time and how to overcome those problems.

Roberta: We just are looking forward to hearing all your skin advice and how to get the beautiful bridal glow!

Majstic Ckin in Liverpool provides skincare medical grades products and skincare - Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

What kind of skin care do you provide to brides-to-be that want to get the good skin glow before the wedding day?

Patsy: Primarily we are a skincare clinic, and we use medical grade products. To beautiful brides-to-be we normally suggest maybe 8 to 10 weeks before the big day that they have a consultation. We devise a plan we see what their skin type is, so we can best advise them. A lot of brides and grooms always have fab skincare and have a great regime is accelerated because they just want that healthy flaw-less glow that they’ll have when they walk down the aisle. Normally we suggest tailored facials for their skin type probably every seven 7-10 days on the build-up to the wedding. And it just depends on their skin because skin is so complex. Everyone’s skin is different. Everyone will have different needs, different concerns. And, of course, we normally suggest that they stopped probably maybe a week or two weeks before, over to accelerate the scheme. We don’t want to cause any problems before the big day and just tailor a nice home care package, because it’s not just what we do in clinic.

R: Exactly. The daily habits are the most important thing, aren’t they? Not keeping the skincare routine at home, it reduces the effect of your treatments at the clinic.

P: Of course, it’s what you’re doing in the morning and in the evening at home that’s super important, and then when you’re coming to clinic, we accelerate the result.

vitamin C based serums and moisturisers are a must as pre-wedding beauty treatmenst - Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

R: How do you find that wedding planning stress contributes to their pre-wedding beauty treatments?

P: All the above! wedding planning stress is real and can cause so many skin problems. Our bodies release hormones under stress, adrenaline, and cortisol, that cause so many skin issues, including stimulating glands producing excessive oil that clogs pores and gives you breakouts

I do understand that wedding stress. Therefore, you should choose your wedding planner very carefully. One you can really communicate with, who you click with, and you can really trust. Because they’re really meant to take that stress away from you.

Sometimes brides-to-be haven’t got the time to go into clinic, because they’ve got all the things going on. They don’t follow their skincare and they’re taking their makeup off correctly. If you’re tired make sure you take the makeup off. It’s just so easy instead of using wipes, put cleanser on your face and remove it with a warm flannel.

R: What do you think about double cleansing?

P: Absolutely yes! I would like to think that everybody everywhere uses an SPF every day. Yes! Especially this week, it is glorious, but don’t forget your sun factor!

R: What pre-wedding beauty treatments do you provide for brides wanting a golden tan without getting sunburn?

They must use a factor 50 and above. I’m sure everyone loves seeing this on social media, the two-finger rule. Two fingers of SPF lotion on every portion of your face, neck to your chest. Even though your makeup now has SPF in it, you’re probably not using enough of the makeup. In the evening you really do need to double cleanse just to cut through the SPF and to cut through the makeup.

Skin therapist giving brides pre-wedding beauty treatments

How do pre-wedding beauty treatments help with make-up on the wedding day?

P: Your makeup artist is going to need to apply more makeup. What we want to achieve is to get that help getting that glow. Your makeup just complements the skin. Find yourself a therapist in skin consultation If you feel comfortable and you trust them, build a plan now that’s going to work around you. I feel if you just want to put a small skincare package together, I recommend that to put some antioxidants in the day.

I’m a big fan of vitamin C during the day, followed by your moisturiser and SPF. And in the evening, a retinol or retinaldehyde if you’ve got a few weeks to go to your wedding. I wouldn’t advise starting anything briefly before your wedding, because you don’t know how you’re going to react, do it early. But if you’re late get professional advice, and get a bespoke treatment and maximising your results.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

R: What’s the most common issue that that bride or couples have on the lead-up to the wedding day?

P: They’ve been too busy. When they hire a wedding planner, they’re not going to be so stressed they will have time for their skin and get to their wedding day more relaxed and that will show on your skin. You don’t want to look tired or stressed or your wedding photos. Stress changes the proteins in our skin so we can make mess with elastin, you want to glow.

R: So, you want to be that star. Glow baby glow!

medical grade pre-wedding skincare treatments in Clinic - Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments

What’s your ultimate advice to brides that are planning the pre-wedding beauty treatments before their special day?

P: If you have time, say a 12-week window, find yourself a therapist. If they’re not doing consultations, or skin analysis, if they have not done patch-tests before treatments, then alarm bells should ring. They need to take time to sit with you, asking all the questions, do a full in-depth skin consultation.

 If time isn’t on your side, try your best and stick to your home care. You can do it. It’s not too late. Get professional advice. You may have problematic skin, eczema etc. Don’t pick something off the shelf. If you’ve got a skincare regime, don’t introduce anything new or anything active into the routine, because maybe it might stimulate the skin too much. And then you find yourself running into a clinic a week before the wedding, we won’t have the time to fix it.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments 1

R: How about your pre-wedding treatments consultation?

I find we have a similar consultations process, asking extensive questions to find out how to help our clients the best.

P: That’s why we’re here we want to find the right solution for our clients. the more question you ask as a client, the more comfortable you’re going to feel with your therapist with your wedding planner with your suppliers. choose very carefully because the better choices you make, the less stress you’re going to have.

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