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Top romantic ideas to propose in London

Here are the top ten romantic ideas to propose in London

Nothing calls for a trip to London like a surprise proposal.

You have plenty of opportunities to get creative. It’s a place steeped in love stories. With tons of beautiful restaurants, rooftops, and riverfront locations that are more than worthy of a proposal.Take a tour on the water, plan a romantic dinner at a rooftop restaurant, or get down on one knee right at a private cinema; no matter the venue, you can’t go wrong in one of the most whimsical locations in London.

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, Kensington is one of the most idyllic spots for a romantic engagement proposal in London
  1. Kyoto Garden

This is the perfect backdrop for the uber romantic couples, that would like this moment to be more intimate. This idyllic spot is situated in Holland Park and it features a layered waterfall and stone lanterns decorating a pond nestled by Japanese-style landscape.

  2.  Planetarium at Royal Observatory

It may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to romantic proposals, but many don’t know that you can have exclusive access after the observatory closes to public, an astronomer at hand creating a whimsical ambience for popping the question.

Impress your Fiancè-to-be with a starry proposal at this London’s remarkable landmark

   3.   The Emirates airline cable car

Glide above the Thames and get down on one knee with birds-eye views of the city: it would be nothing short of impressive, and so original they’ll never suspect it’s coming! Go at sunset for extra romance factor while sipping a lovely bottle of bubbles. The unique skyline at sunset makes the backdrop of the City an obvious choice, which makes an appearance in nearly every iconic London movie — has a serene and magical feel.

   4.   Private River cruise

If you’re really trying for a “go big or go home” moment reserve one of the most exclusive private river vessels, Woods’ Silver Fleet. The hand-crafted vessels go from a flagship river yacht to a high-speed river taxi, with their home, Woods Quay, being 2 steps away from the Savoy, be prepared to have superb service and lush food. Planning your surprise proposal on a cruise, you’ll have a chance to glimpse at some of the magazine-worthy London sites overlooking the Thames.

 5. St Paul’s cathedral

With its key feature being its circular walkaway, is a coveted destination and a spectacular site, making it a universally perfect place to propose! Its curving walls allow visitors to hear any whisper to be heard from the other side of the Dome making it one of the most magical places to propose in London.

7.  Wilton’s Music Hall

Another stunning setting fit for only the best engagements. It’s one of the oldest grand music halls in the world, perhaps one of the most unique. Sipping a champagne at Charlies Bar or hiring the auditorium will give you the perfect opportunity set the mood for an intimate and unforgettable moment. It doesn’t get as grand as this.

8.  Tower Bridge 

It might be a bit predictable, but for good reason. With its architecture and dreamy lamp posts lighting up the bank at twilight, it’s no wonder we couldn’t leave it off our list! You can exclusively hire the breath-taking walkway overlooking the river for exclusive use 42 meters above the Thames. Being one of the most iconic landmarks of the Big Smoke, it will give your surprise proposal a remarkable wow factor, in front of incredible views of London.

   9. Ice rinks

For a lover of the outdoors ice skating is an all-around perfect winter spot for secret proposals.

As rinks pop up in iconic settings throughout the city over Christmas and New Year, it makes it easy to hire a hidden photographer to capture the moment. You may want to opt for the timeless Natural History Museum ice rink is about as idyllic as it gets! But know you have a wide choice from Somerset House to Hampton Court Palace and Skylight London. Get a story memorable enough to retell again and again over a lifetime!

Still struggling to decide how to propose? just remember choosing with your heart and the most important thing is to make it personal.

One of the most favourite spots for unique a Christmas Holiday proposal in London

10. Intimate and meaningful at home proposal

There’s no place like home! What better place to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you, than where you share your everyday life? It’s a subtle romantic gesture and you can make the moment sentimental (but not sappy!) by incorporating personal and meaningful things to you both, whether like letter or song, or a shared passion. Maybe hire a private chef to cook your special meal.

No matter what you decide to go for we can’t wait to see your engagement photos popping on the gram! If you need help planning your engagement party, get in touch here, we’ll be happy to help!

London offers many unique landmarks and hidden corners that provide the perfect backdrop to proposals.

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