The rise in multi-day weddings

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Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for loved ones to come together and honour the union of two people. Both the bridal party and their guests will always remember the joy and celebration of a multi-day wedding celebration.

Why are we seeing couples this year wanting to book a 3 day long wedding?

Couples want to spend a longer time with their friends and family.

The reason behind it is breaking the traditional western culture, long 24H wedding day, where couples and guests had to squeeze everything in the same day, leaving them exhausted.

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Three-day weddings can be either very laid-back events or carefully planned events in addition to the main one, with a ton of planned activities, to extend the celebration.

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How are couples breaking their wedding celebrations up over 3 days?

  • Everyone arrives from out of town on the first day, so a lovely welcome party and meet and greet would be a great experience to get your guests excited, dancing, and chatting.
  • It’s best to have parties or laid-back dinners in the evening so that everyone has time to get there and relax before the big day formality.
  • This is typically a cocktail reception that can be combined with a rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally reserved only for the bridal party’s closest family members.
wedding reception outdoor banquet tables with white a lilac decor at multi-day wedding
  • The second day is usually the main event, wedding day and the reason why everyone is there.  
  • Venues can range from the reception location to a hotel. It’s the last goodbye to an unforgettable multi-day wedding.

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  • After all of the guests have partied their hearts out, the last day is usually quite relaxed, with an after-wedding brunch, pool party, or some sort of decompression activity.
post-wedding Pool party at multi-day wedding

The benefits of having a multi-day wedding

  • Having precious time to celebrate with all of the guests. Usually, the big day goes in a blink, between prep, ceremony wedding photos and speeches.
  •  You can stretch over planned activities instead of trying to cram as much as possible into it.
  •  A mini holiday with your dear ones is quite a unique opportunity in someone’s life.
  • Curating your guests’ experience in the best possible way, a wonderful opportunity to add some more magic to their wedding.

LET'S CONNECT! And share with us all your fabulous wedding ideas!

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