The rise in multi-day weddings

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Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for loved ones to come together and honour the union of two people. Both the bridal party and their guests will always remember the joy and celebration of a multi-day wedding celebration.

Why are we seeing couples this year wanting to book a 3-day wedding?

Couples want to spend more time with their friends and family.

The reason behind it is breaking the traditional western culture of a long, 24-hour wedding day, where couples and guests had to squeeze everything in on the same day, leaving them exhausted.

Three-day weddings can be either very laid-back events or carefully planned events in addition to the main one, with a tonne of planned activities to extend the celebration.

How are couples planning their wedding over 3 days?

Everyone arrives from out of town on the first day, so a lovely welcome party and meet and greet would be a great experience to get your guests excited, dancing, and chatting.

wedding reception outdoor banquet tables with white a lilac decor at multi-day wedding
paper parasols basket for wedding ceremony outdoors

It’s best to have parties or laid-back dinners in the evening so that everyone has time to get there and relax before the big day formality.

This is typically a cocktail reception that can be combined with a rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally reserved only for the bridal party’s closest family members.

  • The second day is usually the main event, wedding day This is the day that you’ve been eagerly anticipating—the reason why everyone has come together in one place.
  • Venues can range from the reception location to a hotel. It’s the last goodbye to an unforgettable multi-day wedding.
  • After all of the guests have partied their hearts out, the last day is usually quite relaxed, with an after-wedding brunch, pool party, or some sort of decompression activity.

The benefits of having a multi-day wedding

  • Having precious time to celebrate with all of the guests. Usually, the big day goes by in a blink, between prep, ceremony, wedding photos, and speeches.
  • You can stretch over planned activities instead of trying to cram as much as possible into them.
  • A mini-holiday with your loved ones is quite a unique opportunity in someone’s life.
  • Curating your guests’ experience in the best possible way is a wonderful opportunity to add some more magic to their wedding.

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