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5 ways to swiftly remind your guests to rsvp

From digital RSVPs to the classic paper one, one thing remains constant throughout the event planning process: the need to remind wedding guests to RSVP while you eagerly await their response.

You’ve dedicated at least a year of your life to wedding prep.

Ah, the thrill of waiting for those enthusiastic “Yes!” RSVPs to flood your mailbox after sending out wedding invitations. Trying to get people to RSVP on time is like trying to herd cats. Whether you prefer to go old-school with paper invitations or embrace the digital age with electronic ones, or maybe even dabble in both, the choice is yours!

rsvp cards are a “must” in your classic invitation suite

RSVP cards and postmarked envelopes encourage guests’ responses to confirm or decline their attendance. However, this doesn’t rule out the prospect of forgetting. Despite sending digital invitations, where RSVPs are just a click away, somehow some guests manage to elude us.

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Lynda Loves bespoke RSVPs as part of invitations stationary suite

It is important to inform your guests to RSVP so that you can have an accurate headcount for the event, as weddings are priced on a “per person” basis. Having a close estimate of the number of guests is crucial in making various decisions, ranging from selecting the venue to creating a proper wedding seating plan. It is essential to have an accurate guest count.

Make it easy to respond

The more user-friendly the RSVP process is, the higher the likelihood that individuals will respond on time.

This doesn’t mean everyone will, but it’ll definitely be helpful. Hey, if you’re sending out paper invitations, you might want to check out RSVPify to collect your RSVPs online. For most of us, logging into a website is way easier than trying to locate stamps. Using or something similar for your RSVPs is super easy and fast for your guests. It makes things easier for you because you won’t have to do any of the counting yourself.

RSVP via oline, text, whatsapp
Make it easy for your guests to RSVP through an online provider, as it’s much easier

Here’s a pro tip: send Grandma a beautiful paper invitation with an RSVP card to make her feel extra special, but for your tech-savvy people, go digital. It’s the perfect way to balance tradition with modern convenience! This is not just a speedy way to send out your invites, but it’s also an amazing way to show your love for the environment! If you’re receiving physical RSVPs via cards, make sure to track responses digitally in a spreadsheet! Create a sleek guest list by making a column with all your fabulous guests’ names and then simply noting their responses.

Remind your guests how they can RSVP

Keep it simple and straightforward with your guests. Don’t overthink it. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it!

Include your RSVP date and give your guests clear instructions on how to respond, whether it’s through the mail or online. Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent in the mail about 4-5 months before the wedding date.

Give them just enough time to make plans, but not so much time that they start planning their retirement instead! (usually two months before the wedding date).

If you’re not quite on schedule, Well, brace yourself for the last-minute RSVP apocalypse!

If you’re planning a destination wedding or wedding during the holiday season, give your guests a heads up and send out those save-the-dates a little earlier to avoid extra drama!

Reach out with RSVP reminders

It would be helpful to send a reminder before the RSVP deadline. Please don’t worry or feel like you are being overbearing. It is possible that your guests may forget to RSVP due to the busyness of life, but they certainly intend to inform you of their attendance.

It’s much easier to tell people before a deadline than after, when you’re feeling the pressure. So, you can start giving little RSVP reminders about two weeks before the deadline. Just make sure you don’t nudge everyone on the guest list. You can ask politely, but be strict about getting them by a certain date.

Here are some easy ways to tell people to RSVP.

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Case 1. Leverage your enthusiasm to connect

You can be excited and firm at the same time.

We are so excited, we could burst! We want to remind all our lovely guests to RSVP by the [XYZ] due date.”

Case 2: While requesting RSVPs, share an update on the wedding plans.

Adding a bit of detail and an update to the wedding will get your guests excited about attending. This will also soften the tone of your reminder notice.

“Hey guys! Wedding planning has been keeping us buzzing lately, and we just had to share some exciting updates with you all! Stay tuned for more!

Exciting news I am beyond thrilled to announce that our favorite band will be gracing us with their presence and playing all the groovy tunes at our upcoming event! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces there!

Get ready to get funky on the dance floor with us by RSVPing by [XYZ].

4 baby blue envelopes with white and blue stamps a whiye and gold pen on top, some more stamps in the same shade scattered on a white desk and a small white and blue plate and a silver keyboard

Case 3: As the RSVP deadline approaches, let your guests know

By using words like “final” and “exact,” you’re showing your guests that your RSVPs and their due dates are not optional. This is very important as the deadline draws near.

We are now two weeks away from the wedding. As we get ready to make the final plans, we’ll need to know the exact number of guests attending, so please don’t forget that RSVPs are due [XYZ]”.

Be safe, not sorry. Plan for missed RSVPs.

For your own peace of mind, round up the numbers you give the caterer, venue, or planner.

No need to worry about Uncle Phil’s last-minute RSVP or your cousin’s surprise plus one; your seating chart is already one step ahead of the game.

Remember, it’s always better to have a few extra plans up your sleeve than have a last-minute panic attack.

If the no-shows keep piling up, your foodie guests are going to enjoy a delicious extra plate of main! Am I right?

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