Wedding Design Collection

Get your free time back during your engagement: we’ve made our custom wedding design process easy, simple, and fast. 

Imagine you could simply see your wedding ceremony and reception settings in just a couple of weeks instead of having to wait until your big day, knowing it will look exactly the way you wanted.

Our Wedding Design Service quickly turns your creative ideas into a custom digital illustration of all the decor you love.

Simply choose your ceremony and reception concept, and we’ll easily translate it into your personal Wedding Vibe, in a ready to show digital file to show to your suppliers.

It will also easily save you thousands of pounds right from the start of your planning journey and endless back and forth the communication with suppliers, and endless of hours browsing for the perfect image that represents your vision.

  • Book your free consultation via this link
  • Bring your ideas – if you don’t have any yet, we’ll guide you –
  • Choose the Wedding Vibe Package right for your needs
  • Get your Wedding Vibe digital file in your inbox
  • Simply show it to your suppliers in a quick and easy way

Signature Wedding

£ 297
  • Design Concept
  • Vision Mood-board Creation
  • Bespoke Wedding Sketch of

    Overall Ceremony

    Sweetheart table table Mock-up
  • Up to two Colour Palette
    two Decor Changes (e.g., Chair model)
  • Delivered within 1-2 weeks depending on complexity and our current time availability

Elite Wedding

£ 797
  • Everything that you get on the Signature Vibe
    Package plus
  • Bespoke Wedding Sketch plus render in your

    venue setting of

    Guest tables Table Mock-Up

    Place Setting (bird eye view)
  • Up to five Colour Palette
  • Delivered within 2-3 weeks depending on complexity and our current time availability
  • 5 Decor Elements Changes
    (e.g. chair Model, type of candles holders, vases etc)
  • delivered within 2-3 weeks depending on current availability and design complexity

Infinity Wedding

£ 997
  • Everything on the elite Package plus
  • Bespoke Wedding Sketch+ Full Illustration
    in Your Venue Setting
  • Unlimited colour Palette
  • Unlimited Decor elements changes - Chair models, candle holders, plate design etc-
  • Full Delivery within 3-4 weeks depending on complexity and our current time Availability, with initial concept sketches delivered within one week from Signing the Contract