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The Shocking Truth About Luxury Weddings

Imagine the feeling of wearing the most fabulous dress while walking into the luxurious venue you’ve always fantasized of. But did you know that even luxury weddings can easily and quickly become your worst (or most embarrassing) nightmare?

Yup! There is a ton of work to make dream weddings a successful reality! In fact, there are more than 20 trades needed from start to finish. That’s why just one misstep can turn a beautiful wedding celebration all gone to pot.

And if you think this doesn’t really happen in high-end weddings world, then you probably haven’t heard about Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s nuptials.

Italian castle wedding venue Il Palagio Tuscany

Even celebrities aren’t immune to these wedding mishaps.

Billionaires Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got wed in Florence, Italy. It was a lavish celebration. They rented the heavenly Forte di Belvedere for £300,000. And their guests? None-other than blockbuster personalities like John Legend, Jaden Smith, and Steve McQueen (director of Kanye’s single, “All day”). The cake designers served a majestic 7-tier cake. There was even a wall of drop-dead gorgeous flowers as a backdrop. 

It was amazing! Who could’ve thought this million-dollar wedding wouldn’t go as smoothly as planned?

The reception wound up the audience for two reasons. One, his speech was all about himself and dragged on for almost an hour. Then, Kanye and Kim managed to keep everyone away from the dance floor as they danced for not one, not two, but five full-length songs. 

Not to mention the 30 statues with which the couple wanted to decorate the venue. Ten of them got too damaged to display, another ten fell apart, and four statues were decapitated. A scary omen for anyone to experience during their wedding.

But that’s not all! The internet and social media have a LOT to share when it comes to wedding blunders. Just like this expensive gaffe…

This incident happened back in 2014. 

One wedding venue (a venue which must not be named) suddenly got “bankrupt and closed.” Apparently, the venue’s owner was found guilty of multiple tax fraud and grand larceny. Despite that, the owner continued to book weddings for unsuspecting couples. When he got arrested, the poor couples lost an average cost of £16,000. Imagine the stress of losing money and having to find a new venue for their wedding.

“If only the planner did some background research of the venue.”

Italian castle wedding venue

It’s sod’s law that a bride fainted of hunger during her own wedding

She had 14 special guests. Each of them wanted their own song to walk down the aisle to… and the host granted their wish. One hundred people packed the church, waiting for them to finish the processional. It gets worse. Many guests wanted to give a speech, offer a song, and recite a poem. The host also allowed all of them to express what they wanted to say.

Dinner was supposed to start at 6 pm. But it was at around 8:30 pm that the bride finally fainted.

“If only the coordinator managed the timeline properly.”

Fine Art weddings styled shoot | Portfolio | Luxury Wedding Planner in London | Roberta Burcheri Events
Fine Art weddings styled shoot portfolio | Best Luxury Wedding Planner in London| Best Luxury Wedding Planner in Italy| Roberta Burcheri Events

Don’t let these disasters happen to your luxury wedding.

The dramas above are just a few scenarios that can happen to any couple.

Here are other possible events that you don’t want to take place at your wedding.

Photographer/videographer is nowhere to be found and out of reach.

Make-up artist and hairstylist accidentally got booked for another event.

Uninvited guests storming the ceremony.

Limousine driver got lost on the way.

Husband an hour late for the wedding.

And more…

Wedding planner with a client checklist

Wedding Nightmares are real

No matter how much you want to avoid wedding disasters, they can still happen just like that *snaps fingers*. But don’t worry. There’s a way to mitigate and eliminate these grave threats.

The best thing that you can do is stop trying to do everything by yourself. Get a trustworthy luxury wedding planner who has plenty of expertise to oversee everything starting from the planning stages of your wedding, to the after events of your wedding celebrations. A good wedding planner ensures all the suppliers involved in making your big day a success are present and on top of their game.

What wedding blunder do you fear the most and want to keep away at all cost from your wedding? Let me hear your thoughts below.

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